Balanced Strength- Functional Strength and Run Training

Balanced Strength, Inc. is a company that customizes comprehensive fitness & wellness programs, based on their clients’ needs, goals, and lifestyles. They serve various populations of clientele, such as people with special needs, post-rehabilitation, the weekend warrior, and elite amateur athletes. Also, they are accustomed to and enjoy organizing small to large group fitness & wellness events and workshops

Fortius Coaching- Triathlon coaching services

Fortius Coaching is built on the foundation that in order to succeed you must become stronger in order to endure the triathlons, marathons and ultra races. Fortius Coaching provides professional expertise to help you accomplish your goals through goal setting, periodization, testing, and regular monitoring in order to keep you strong. If you are ready to train smart instead of just working out the custom plan is for you.

Jefferson Racing - Triathlon coaching services

Sean Jeffersons training plans are designed specifically for each individual he coaches. He believes this gives his clients their best opportunity to reach their potential, whether its setting personal bests, completing an event for the first time or training to compete as an Elite athlete.

Sean started coaching in 2009 at Benjamin High School as an assistant Cross Country coach and distance coach during track season. Since then he has begun coaching age group athletes up to Olympic triathletes. He believes each athlete he coaches is unique and responds to different types of training stimulus. That’s why he believes in creating unique training plans for each of his clients and working with them to help create a plan that will fit into their current lifestyle and produce results.

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