Call him “K.C”., because he answers to “K.C.”. But just like your name isn’t actually “LeadTooth”, but you picked it for your fantasy league when nothing else was available, “K.C.” normally goes by Kyle Cozine. (The redundancy of nomenclature around this shop has necessitated some creativity.) Urbandictionary might have an example sentence like this : “Q: that’s a beautiful Volvo, who keeps a 240 Wagon that f*$#ing beautiful? A: Kyle Cozine does.” And just like he genuinely cares for his cars with this degree of attention and affection, he’s one of the only guys you want touching your bike. If you’re anything like we are, you stay awake at night when your bike is “at the shop”, or anywhere other than the home shrine you’ve created for it. When you leave your bike with Kyle C, you can rest assured that it’s being cared for better than it has been in its entire life.

So stop in, introduce yourself and your bike to K.C., or Kyle, or simply hit him with “how’s the weather up there, Stretch”…. He might not laugh right away, and I assure you, it isn’t because he “doesn’t get it”. Probably best to just let him know how quickly you need your suspension overhauled, or what you wheel needs are (he’s a master wheelbuilder). Truth is, it’s not that your joke wasn’t funny, and it’s not that he’s grumpy… the real truth is, the thought that someone out there is pedaling their beautiful road bike or MTB with a drivetrain in bad need of a tune-up, makes Kyle very, very unhappy. And that’s exactly the kind of guy we love.

Aaron knows how to merge out of the fast lane… he just chooses not to. From his Ducati to his urban assault hardtail, Aaron is the resident rockstar. His skills are versatile enough to do an outstanding job on any bike that rolls in, but we know his passion is mountain bikes. If the paint on your sidewall says 26’, 650b or 29’, ask for Aaron.


The Cynergy Way
What do you mean…Cynergy Way?

The difference between a good shop and a great shop is one fundamental reason, it’s service department.

Our shop is more than the best place around to buy a bicycle. We exist to make the cycling life a part of your daily existence and to do this you have to have a bike that works perfectly. Whether you are riding a bike for fitness, are an avid racer or just want to “get that old bike in the garage” brought back to life, our service department is here to take care of you. We believe in our service so much we offer an unconditional guarantee – if it doesn’t work right you don’t pay for the bill.

Expert Staff
The fact is, we pride ourselves on having the best-trained staff in the business; we call our Service Department “Pro” for good reason, it’s true. They were the best when we hired them and we have given them the resources to distinguish Cynergy as no other shop. This is, after all, Los Angeles, where knowledge and service are expected to be exemplary. If there’s a training program available, whether it is in bicycle service or customer service, we’ve sent our staff to be educated.

When it comes to maintaining bikes, we get it. Proper maintenance is time-consuming and while most shops pride themselves on how quickly their mechanics work, we give our techs the time to do the job right. More time means more thorough inspections and more proactive care.

Our knowledge of the bikes our customers ride is so complete that when our manufacturers look for advice on how to make their bikes more durable, easier to service and perform better, they come to us. They know our staff have seen it all and gotten every question out there. And when they have a new product to introduce, we see it first to make sure it meets expectations.

Cynergy and Campy
campy_pro-shopWe’re proudly a Authorized Campagnolo Pro-Shop. Meaning we’re able to service, sell and work closely with Campy.

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