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Rebecca Rusch the “Queen of Pain”

Going Big with Specialized / Red Bull pro cyclist Rebecca Rusch the “Queen of Endurance Cycling”.

Wednesday, December 8th  2010 @ 7:00 pm

at Cynergy Cycles , Parking off of 23rd and Santa Monica

She is a 3X Solo 24-Hour World Champion and 2X Champion and Women’s Course Record Holder of the renowned Leadville Trail 100. Come learn the Scientific Training techniques and insights that allow Rebecca to dominate these events!

Leadville, La Ruta, Everest Challenge, King Ridge GranRebecca Rusch Wins Fondo; the list of iconic and grueling endurance cycling events continues to expand each year. If you are no longer satisfied with industrial park crits and short-loop mountain bike races and want a to set your sights on the challenge of destination endurance events like Leadville or La Ruta you don’t want to miss this unique event. You will learn how easy it is to experience the life-changing journey in preparing for and conquering an epic endurance event that you once thought was beyond your reach.

At age 40 Rebecca just keeps getting better because her training is based on science and not simply mindless “macho training regimes”. Come enjoy this special night that will set the tone for your own epic challenge this coming season. Rebecca will do Q&A on how to approach these challenges and set you up for success. She will explain her comprehensive approach to training and how she came to rely on Metabolic Testing to create the fat burning metabolism necessary to conquer these events. She will discuss nutrition tips, injury prevention strategies, the importance of the right equipment and a professional bike fit in her winning approach to this sport. See video highlights of the 2010 Leadville race as captured for the documentary film a Race Across the Sky. And receive giveaways and raffle prizes from Specialized and Rebecca’s other sponsors.Rebecca Rusch Riding

Rebecca will be joined by a panel of professionals to discuss how you too can step up to these endurance events. Local Physical Therapist and Phase IV Founder and CEO, Robert Forster PT. who has worked with Rebecca for over 20 years, will help make it real. Robert has completed 6 of the toughest Mountain Bike Races in the world himself, including the Trans Alp Challenge, La Ruta, The B.C. Bike Race and the Brian Head 100. He will share the Science behind the personalized scientific training protocols that helps him, [a self proclaimed mediocre cyclist] and the many Phase IV athletes who have made the transition to extreme cycling while avoiding the common pitfalls of overtraining and injury.

Also in attendance will be locally-sponsored Pro riders Nate Whitman and Gerry Cody. Both are Top-10 Leadville finishers who train with Science and ride locally. They will share their thoughts on the SoCal cycling scene and how local athletes can best prepare for events like Leadville. Together with the staff of Cynergy, they will be leading a riding clinic for interested athletes, on Sunday December 12th following this event.

At this lecture you will learn:

> How to target and prepare for your own epic endurance cycling event
> The importance of precision heart rate training to create metabolic efficiency & your optimal fat burning potential
> Why the fitness formulas (220 — age x 70%) just don’t work to develop this fitness
> How metabolic testing previously reserved for the benefit of pro athletes is now available at a price point that makes it feasible for you
> How to maximize your time and optimize your efforts, by training smarter not harder
> Why a performance based strength training program is a short cut to training goals
> How to create a Periodized training & nutritional program to peak your fitness when it counts Rebecca Rusch 2009 Solo Championship
> When you need a professional bike fit

WHEN: Wednesday, December 8th @ 7:00 pm

WHERE: Cynergy Cycles. 2300 Santa Monica Blvd.

RSVP: Email us at info@phase-iv.net or call 310.582.8212 or on FaceBook:  http://www.facebook.com/cynergycycles#!/event.php?eid=164620706906913

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