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Look how Willy T is living…

I work in bike shop, so you probably think I’m wealthy. It’s actually an unsubstantiated rumor that bike shop employees have money… only three people at this shop are rich, and as much as I’d love to say I was one of them, the truth is I’m writing this blogpost on my cellphone because I don’t own a computer. I do ride a really nice bike, but I also eat a lot of Top Ramen. I’m in that weird middle ground where I’m not an Xbox, but I’m not an Atari either…. I guess I’m like a Sega CD. (Dude, if you were playing Virtua Fighter in the mid-90’s in Western Pennsylvania, you were at my house. I hate lockdown on that scene.) So let’s ignore my finances and talk about a little event we have coming up on May 9th that should reestablish the rules for what a bike shop can get away with, an event that will allow a regular guy like myself to surround himself with expensive cars, exquisite cuisine, and the fastest cyclists on the planet.

For one night, an opportunity to live the life I promised myself when I was a kid.

The new Specialized Venge... one of the non-human stars of the event...

If I sound like I’m exaggerating, know that I’m being completely earnest. I’ve been to only a handful of events of this caliber, and certainly never at a bike shop. Everytime I look down the list of increasingly extravagent things we have planned for that night, I think about what a bummer it’s going to be to wake up Tuesday morning, eat a leftover breakfast bowl from Jack in the Box, only to pedal squares up Mandeville with one of my buddies who aren’t Matt Goss. I’m looking at you, Willie J.

We’re calling it “An Evening in Fast Company”: A Night With the Pros. Get the details there, I’ll wait… ok, here’s my take on it; the HTC Men’s Pro Squad do a LOT of promotional events; photo ops, Q&A’s, endorsements, etc. It’s part of being a pro athlete, and if you can get any of them to tell you how they really feel, they’ll admit that most of it is really boring, mundane stuff. Our thing is completely different. I have it on good authority that this event is something the guys are really looking forward to, like, date-circled-on-the-calender-for-months type anticipation. My inside source went on to say that riders who are missing the event because they’ll be at the Giro were disappointed, no, devastated they won’t be here. Sucks to be them… but good luck in Italy!!

And then there’s the cars…. Specialized worked with McLaren, a Formula One car manufacturer and team out of the UK, in collaboration on their new bike, the Venge. (If you haven’t seen the new Venge yet, what the hell are you doing on the computer?! We close at 6 today, come check it out.) McLaren is going to be here for the event, with some of their cars. Everytime we’ve talked to their people on the phone, they’ve been as enthusiastic about our bike as we are about their car. I predict a tear-jerking moment Monday night when all of the car buffs are checking out the Venge, and we bike nerds are all over the McLarens. Cars and bikes, sharing pavement in beautiful harmony.

The whole thing is catered by Wolfgang Puck. Not Wolfgang Puck Express, but the legendary chef himself. My very good friend and all-around Superhuman Phil Keoghan (host of the Amazing Race, like I had to say that) is MCing the whole thing. I’m probably overselling this, because I’m pretty sure tickets are sold out, but give me a call at the shop if you’re interested, I’ll check with our ‘box office’.

I’ve already got a date, so don’t bother asking. This place is full of eligible bachelors, though. And one of them is one of the rich guys I mentioned earlier. Leave a comment for details on that.

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