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Las Vegas gets healthy, but once a year

A funny thing happens as you leave the decadent epicenter of the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas; walk down the long, purposefully disorienting hallway past Celine Dion’s 17th annual comeback show, towards the Sands Expo that houses Interbike, and you can see the entire spectrum of human morality, as this cyclist sees it.
The clientele changes… wild-eyed gamblers take “one more silver dollar” to the craps table, some thug hands me a coupon to North Las Vegas’ 3rd most popular brothel, and a man alarmingly close to death in an impeccable suit steals the show at a “high stakes” table at one end…
but as you walk on, you see some European pro turning heads in an Assos kit that ain’t even out yet, some DH kid from New Zealand is way more sprung on the XT grouppo he just saw than the nearly naked showgirl making a collect call from a payphone RIGHT BEHIND HIM, and some skinny hipster from the Surly booth is the drunkest person you’ll find within a mile radius, and he could probably go out and lap the field in a CAT 3 race right now.
 These are my people.
Las Vegas: The healthiest place on Earth. (Interbike is weird.).
I drove out to the show with Mark P. on Monday, and we caught the last bus to the dirt demo. They got something special in them Boulder Canyon trails… I like to call it sharp, painful and evil. Easily some of the best trails I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding on!!! Rode a lot of great bikes, but one easily, easily, won our hearts over… Roman joined us the next day, and I think he would agree. Want to know what bike it is?!
Call the shop: 310.857.1500
After a fantastic dinner with Mark, Roman, Tracy (our buyer), Brian (Tracy’s husband), Eric and Kate Woods (they own the store, and owe me ten bucks), I put it all on black, lost, and retired to my room at the Monte Carlo.
I would’ve gotten up early the next day, if I’d have fallen asleep…. but there was so much to see, and I saw it all… Contour Cameras that connect to your iPhone?! Gazelle Bikes!?! Campy Electronic??!!??
Before I left, Mr. Woods told me I could buy whatever I want… he told me “you deserve this, get something nice.” I didn’t really get it, so I said “What if it’s costly?!” He said, “Willy T, you do something for Willy T.” So I bought an original print from Emory Allen, via ArtCrank.com. I have this in my home.
I came home from Interbike with art. Nothing but art.
Your boy got jacked.
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