Rules Of The Ride

Rules of the Cynergy Group Rides:

  1. Expect the unexpected.
  2. Keep your head up and your eyes open for vehicles, pedestrians and other people using the roads and bike path.
  3. Obey all traffic laws/rules. We stop at all stop signs and red lights!
  4. Helmets mandatory.
  5. All cyclists and triathletes are welcome but riders ride at their own risk.
  6. When riding two a breast on a bike path/PCH and group approaches a rider from behind or a rider approaches from head on, group will go into single file. This will be done by rider on the left of the partner falling behind their partner, and rider behind will make room for rider in front. Once it is safe and clear, group may form back into riding two a breast again.
  7. Everyone and not just the lead pair should use hand signals to point out debris/hazards on the road for the group. Voice commands are only a last resort.
  8. Slow down when approaching children, runners and walkers.
  9. Stay to the far right on the bike route unless passing.
  10. Warn pedestrians/cyclists if coming up to pass from behind with an “on your left”.  This is to give the approaching rider enough time and be courteous.
  11. Always pass on the left when approaching from behind.
  12. Never use iPod/headphones while riding. We’d hate to have to hear you explain how you took out the group!
  13. Be courteous to all. Say hello; wave and ask if someone needs help when stopped at the side of the path.
  14. Enjoy the ride and look out for one another. If someone flats or needs assistance let the group know and we will all stop to help and get things moving again as quickly as possible.
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