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Specialized Club of Champions Triathlon Experience

Welcome to the Club of Champions Triathlon Experience! Now through December 1st, Cynergy Cycles & Specialized Bikes are offering all triathletes special incentives on Shiv bikes. The Shiv is the ultimate Tri weapon, delivering the perfect blend of stealthy power, drag-defying aerodynamics, and tailored fit options. With its FACT carbon frame, and optimized rear wheel airflow (especially in crosswinds), the […]

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Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2013 Race Report

As I made the left hand turn and headed towards the final quarter mile and the finish line of Ironman Coeur d’Alene this past Sunday I became overwhelmed with a feeling of gratification.  I ran past the sea of thousands of spectators cheering on my 8th place finish.  As I ran, I felt grateful for all of the caring/generous people […]

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Cut Footloose

I can usually tell how a race is going to go by the song I start singing to myself during the bike. Something filled with teenage angst, Linkin Park for example, is not a good omen. Jazz, or singer/song writer types, likewise are no good. Norah Jones or Ella Fitzgerald, while strong beautiful women, don’t inspire a leg pumpingly good […]

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Reilly Smith’s 70.3 World Championship Race Report: I-15 South

Reilly Smith, Cynergy Cycles Elite Team Triathelete Usually, the hardest of these to write are also the most necessary. I was talking about some things with one my of world confidants last night over a fried Oreo sundae at Caesar’s. Yeah, you heard me. We both had rough days on a day where both of us had every right to […]

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Free Bike Prep

FREE BIKE PREP for THE MALIBU TRIATHLON and THE LOS ANGELES triathlon at CYNERGY CYCLES We all know prior to any race you would love to have a bike mechanic check out your brakes, tires, wheels, cables, etc. so you can have your best race with no mechanical worries.  Well, on September 14th and 15th(Prior to Malibu Triathlon), and on […]

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