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I got second at the LA Triathlon and all I got was cake

In my ongoing attempt to become the best at exercising, I tried a very new-to-me race format last Sunday. The Los Angeles Triathlon morphed into the Herbalife Torrance Triathlon. So, it became a draft-legal sprint race for the pro field. The swim was non-wetsuit, the bike was three hilly loops and the run was 4 miles of with hills, sand [...]

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This race brought to you by Stone Coffee Milk Stout

If you’ve seen any of my posts recently (I’m mostly talking to my Mom here) you may have noticed an obsession with milk stouts. I’ve purchased many bottles of Beavers Milk and Stone Coffee Milk Stout and am working my way through them. Since I try to limit cake consumption, these brews have replaced the traditional dessert foods in my [...]

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All REV’d up to win!

I never knew just how many hipsters lived in Knoxville, and I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself last weekend. I was in town for the Rev 3 Knoxville series championship and stayed for the Biscuit Festival and Mr or Miss Biscuit Pageant. With all this excellence happening right around the race site, it [...]

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Desert Tri – Southwest National World Championships


Photo by Tyler Olson Going into this race, the first tri of 2014 for everyone out there, I was thinking of it as a race against (lack of?) early season fitness. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, coming off of a high volume-training camp (with Black Dragon and Wattie Ink), and a few easy days. I wasn’t even convinced [...]

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That’s All Folks (for now)!

I wasn’t trying to do anything but have fun with my final series of four races over the last five weeks. I was disappointed in myself after IM 70.3 Worlds. Not really because of how I finished, but because of my attitude. Somewhere on that course I lost the fire and the fun, and focused on the hurt and futility. [...]

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IM 70.3 Worlds

Confidence is such a shaky and elusive thing. As soon as you grab onto and try to hold on, it wriggles away. And there is no race like Vegas to chase it away from me. I’d been feeling good about my efforts this year in training, racing, nutrition, beer discovering, etc. and felt ready and excited to leave my heart [...]

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Ready to move to Milwaukee – USAT Nationals Race Report

Just realized I hadn’t written down any of my take-homes from Nationals, which was almost two weeks ago. At least now I’ll probably remember only the good things and totally forget the bad. I was a pretty late entry into Nationals, when I realized I couldn’t pass up the excuse to go to Milwaukee. As an avid beer drinker, this [...]

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