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Penguin Swim Club

Most people ring in the New Year with champagne and a late night. But a group of dedicated “Penguins” choose to commemorate it with a cold dip in the ocean.   Cecelia Kilger, a Los Angeles transplant, began the tradition in 1952. As a child, she swam in the frigid waters of Lake Michigan. After getting caught in the surf […]

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I got second at the LA Triathlon and all I got was cake

In my ongoing attempt to become the best at exercising, I tried a very new-to-me race format last Sunday. The Los Angeles Triathlon morphed into the Herbalife Torrance Triathlon. So, it became a draft-legal sprint race for the pro field. The swim was non-wetsuit, the bike was three hilly loops and the run was 4 miles of with hills, sand […]

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This race brought to you by Stone Coffee Milk Stout

If you’ve seen any of my posts recently (I’m mostly talking to my Mom here) you may have noticed an obsession with milk stouts. I’ve purchased many bottles of Beavers Milk and Stone Coffee Milk Stout and am working my way through them. Since I try to limit cake consumption, these brews have replaced the traditional dessert foods in my […]

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Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2013 Race Report

As I made the left hand turn and headed towards the final quarter mile and the finish line of Ironman Coeur d’Alene this past Sunday I became overwhelmed with a feeling of gratification.  I ran past the sea of thousands of spectators cheering on my 8th place finish.  As I ran, I felt grateful for all of the caring/generous people […]

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Cut Footloose

I can usually tell how a race is going to go by the song I start singing to myself during the bike. Something filled with teenage angst, Linkin Park for example, is not a good omen. Jazz, or singer/song writer types, likewise are no good. Norah Jones or Ella Fitzgerald, while strong beautiful women, don’t inspire a leg pumpingly good […]

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Julia’s Blog: Specialized Demo Weekend

The Specialized women’s demo truck made an appearance last weekend in the Santa Monica mountains where some lucky ladies got the chance to demo top of the line Specialized road and mountain bikes.  You didn’t have to be anyone special to be a part of the event either.  Cynergy Cycles bike shop hosted the demo; anyone was welcome to attend, […]

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Las Vegas gets healthy, but once a year

A funny thing happens as you leave the decadent epicenter of the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas; walk down the long, purposefully disorienting hallway past Celine Dion’s 17th annual comeback show, towards the Sands Expo that houses Interbike, and you can see the entire spectrum of human morality, as this cyclist sees it.   The clientele changes… wild-eyed gamblers take “one more silver […]

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